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Take action and create impact at MS Walk on Sunday May 26, 2024 

Join us this May as our community made up of tens of thousands of Canadians walks together to show that no person living with multiple sclerosis is alone. Fundraise to make lives better for people living with MS. Register for MS Walk today as we walk toward living in a world free of MS. *Central Okanagan MS Walk takes place on Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Your Impact as an MS Walk Participant

When you register for MS Walk you are making people's lives better by ensuring that nobody living with MS is alone in their journey. When you fundraise for MS Walk you take your support to the next level by helping fund the programs and resources needed to ensure their quality of life today and in the future. 

Joni, diagnosed in 2017

“When we come together for events [like MS Walk], it makes me feel like I am not the only one in this world battling MS and I’m reminded of the many people out there supporting people living with the disease.” 

Tina, diagnosed in 2017 

“When you know that you are part of a community, where tens of thousands of people walk with you, it fills you with hope. The powerful message here is that we are stronger together. We are not alone, and we are all MS warriors (whether you are fighting for yourself or someone you love).”  

Leading-edge research 

Since 1948 we have contributed more than $200 million towards groundbreaking MS research. This investment has brought us closer to earlier diagnosis, better treatments and ultimately a cure for MS. Only you can keep this momentum going. Your MS Walk fundraising will help ensure that MS researchers continue their critical work and make the next great discovery. 

Advocacy to ensure all people living with MS have access 

Not all Canadians have sufficient and affordable access to treatments. When you fundraise for MS Walk, you make certain that financial circumstance doesn’t limit one’s ability to access effective treatments. 

Support when people living with MS need it 

Your MS Walk fundraising helps operate the MS Knowledge Network, a hub that anyone can call to access current and reliable disease information, and the 1:1 Peer Support Program which connects people seeking support with those in the community who can provide it.