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Rebecca Scott Rawn

Orangeville MS Walk

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I've been living with MS since 2012. I was diagnosed after a few months of progressive tingling that led to an inability to use my right arm, a slow shuffling walk and extreme fatigue. Once diagnosed, I was put on a treatment that helped me return to "normal" physical functioning and limited my relapses. I've since gotten married, had two beautiful children and continued to work and volunteer with organizations that I love. After a particularly challenging relapse in 2018, I started on a new treatment that I call my "miracle drug". After years of daily injections with my previous treatment, I only had to take 10 pills a year AND I've never felt better. My physical and mental wellbeing have improved significantly, even during the stress of COVID. The progress in MS research in the past ten years is remarkable. I walk every year to raise funds to keep this research going. With your support, I know that MS will be cured in my lifetime and that my girls will live in a world free of of multiple sclerosis. 

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